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Platinum Series Diesel Fuel Injector by Bostech®. The Platinum Series Performance injector DP2501-30 for the 6. 0 PowerStroke engine is built with a new nozzle, new spool valve, new coil assembly, new intensifier piston, and a new exterior cone nut. All Bostech Fuel Injectors are remanufactured with pride, here in the United States. Each of Bostech high quality Fuel Injectors, including fuel injectors is warrantied based on the fuel type. Gasoline fuel injectors are warrantied for 2 years or 24,000 miles. Diesel fuel injectors are warrantied for 1 years or 12,000 miles. BOSTECH OFFERS THE SAME WARRANTY AS NEW FUEL INJECTOR MANUFACTURERS, AT ROUGHLY HALF THE PRICE. Remanufactured Fuel Injectors have been stripped and cleaned, O-Rings, Pintels, and such replaced. The fuel flow on all of Bostech injectors is rigourously tested prior to Bostech factory certification. Bostech factory certifications meet or exceed industry standards for fuel flow. Bostech guarantee the Bostech remanufacture process, and have independent test results to show that Bostech standards are above that of the industry. Bostech Fuel Injectors boast absolute flow consistency, giving tuners the precision necessary to ensure operation at higher RPM, or for generation of far more horsepower.

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